Brand: Cangaroo
Set of brush, comb and nail clipper - B1879
2 eur
  • Comb: 13x3 cm
  • Brush: 12.5x3.5 cm
  • Nail clipper: 5x1 cm
  • 22x12 cm

The Cangaroo`s Hairbrush and Comb are specially designed for babies and are perfect for your baby`s delicate, sensitive scalp. The hairbrush is with rounded bristle ends for bigger comfort for the baby. And the comb apart from styling, also serves for removing milk crust. It is with smooth rounded teeth and non-slip handle for bigger comfort during brushing. The nail clippers are with the rounded corners and edges for comfort and safety. Content: silicone, PP, TPE, stainless steel, BPA-free. 


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